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High performance concrete using quarry dust as fine

High Performance Concrete Using Quarry Dust As Fine

ABSTRACT This paper describes the experimental study of High-Performance concrete with quarry dust as fine aggregate in addition of steel fibre. To over-come the difficulties due to excessive sand mining, quarry dust was used as fine aggregate. Quarry dust is

Partial Replacement of Cement with Quarry Dust and

Partial Replacement Of Cement With Quarry Dust And

quarry dust with cement gives the compressive strength of 41.5Nmm2 and after that it goes on decreasing when compared to conventional without any replacement of quarry dust. It is clearly observed that addition of quarry dust up to certain extent will increase the compressive strength of concrete

Effect of Quarry Waste on SelfCompacting Concrete

Effect Of Quarry Waste On Selfcompacting Concrete

Jul 31, 2016 This paper presents the results of the experimental work conducted to study the effect of quarry waste on self-compacting concrete containing binary cementitious blends of fly ash and cement. For this purpose nine trial mixes were prepared, where the percentage replacement of river sand by quarry waste was 0, 10, 20, 30, 40ampx25, 50ampx25, 70ampx25, and 100ampx25 to study


Experimental Study On Cement Brick With

crushers, quarry and saw dust from wood industry. Two different proportions have been considered 50 amp 65 partial replacement of sand. 2. AIM AND OBJECTIVE The primary objective of the work is to experimentally study the effect of the replacement of cement with Saw Dust SD and Quarry Dust QD together . The main objective is

Deformation Behaviour of Erodible Soil Stabilized with

Deformation Behaviour Of Erodible Soil Stabilized With

In this research, quarry dust is used in combination with cement to reduce the cost and brittleness. Secondly, the massive mining of sand for construction leads to change in ecosystem thereby triggering global warming. Quarry dust, being an industrial waste from quarry mines, is good replacement for sand in road construction 21, 22.

Experimental Study on Concrete and Cement Plaster

Experimental Study On Concrete And Cement Plaster

Quarry Rock Dust as hundred percent substitute for Natural Sand in concrete. Design Mix for M30 and M40 has been calculated using IS 10262-2009 for both conventional concrete and quarry dust concrete. Tests were conducted on cubes, cylinders and prisms to study the strength of concrete by using Quarry Rock Dust and the results were compared

Study on Compressive Strength of Quarry Dust as Fine

Study On Compressive Strength Of Quarry Dust As Fine

Jul 28, 2016 c The compressive strength results of quarry dust concrete cubes were obtained in the third series, where M20, M25, and M30 grades of concrete with 20, 25, and 30 percent replacement of quarry dust and also workability are studied by varying the water-cement ratio of 0.45 and 0.50 and the results are presented.

PDF A Review Paper on Green Concrete

Pdf A Review Paper On Green Concrete

alkali-group reaction is greatly Impro ved. QUARRY ROCK DUST - Quarry Rock Du st can be . defined as resi due, ... made on Quarry Rock Dust concrete necessary for the .

Evaluation Of Mechanical And Durability Properties Of

Evaluation Of Mechanical And Durability Properties Of

cement and quarry dust in place of sand for the production of concrete for the specific purposes. It has been well established that Fly ash and Dolomite Powder can be used for all structural elements in civil engineering technology. Accordingly, the present investigation aimed at the study of mechanical properties and durability properties of ...


Disqussion Comparative Analysis Of Strength Of Concrete

This project work focuses on the comparative analysis of strength of concrete using sharp sand from the bed of Unwana river in Afikpo North L.G.A and quarry dust from Amasiri Quarry site in Afikpo south L.G.A. all in Ebonyi state. The concrete mix design used was 124 and unicem cement was also used in carrying out the practical as regards to ...

Apeh Properties of selfcompacting concrete containing

Apeh Properties Of Selfcompacting Concrete Containing

This study investigated the use of quarry dust particles QDP generated from the granite industry as a cement replacement in self-compacting concrete SCC. The experimental program was carried out in two phases the first phase optimized the amount of QDP as replacement of Portland cement PC with acceptable flow-ability.

Research Article Study on Compressive Strength of

Research Article Study On Compressive Strength Of

replaced concrete. For quarry dust concrete workability is . and for replacement of quarry dust concrete . compacting factor was observed. d e compressive strength results of quarry dust concrete cubes were obtained in the fourth series, where M, M, and M grades of concrete with , , and

A Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Incorporating

A Study On Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Incorporating

In this regard, this study proposes to partially replace cement with aluminum dross and fly ash, and partially replace natural sand with quarry dust. Aluminum dross, cement, sand, and quarry dust were used in a variety of proportions with a constant percentage of fly ash for the design of nine concrete

2009 Properties Of Green Concrete Containing Quarry

2009 Properties Of Green Concrete Containing Quarry

Through reaction with the concrete admixture, Marble sludge powder and quarry rock dust improved pozzolanic reaction, micro-aggregate filling, and concrete durability. This paper presents the feasibility of the usage of quarry rock dust and marble sludge powder as hundred percent substitutes for natural sand in concrete.

Strength Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement

Strength Properties Of Concrete With Partial Replacement

Sep 13, 2014 Fig.6. Flexural strength of concrete for replacement of cement by quarry dust. were also found from the test.The effect in flexural strength in using quarry dust as cement replacement is shown in fig.6. It is seen that use of up to 7.5 of quarry dust as cement slightly enhances the concrete flexural strength when compared to control mix.

Effect of Cement and Quarry Dust on Shear Strength and

Effect Of Cement And Quarry Dust On Shear Strength And

Nov 16, 2011 Plasticity index has reduced by about 97.4 for 50 quarry dust 5 cement addition. 8. With the addition of quarry dust, angle of internal friction has witnessed an improvement and cohesion value has decreased. But when the soil is stabilized using both quarry dust and cement, there is increase in cohesion as well as angle of internal ...


Experimental Investigation On Partial

REPLACEMENT OF CEMENT WITH FLY ASH AND QUARRY DUST AS FINE AGGREGATE T.SAMBA SIVA RAO1 K. ADITYA NANDINI, M.Tech 2 ... The ingredients of concrete consist of cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregates, water. When the reaction of water with cement takes place hydration process is done and a hard material is formed. In this project work we ...

Strength and Durability Properties of Concrete

Strength And Durability Properties Of Concrete

Also the cube with 100 quarry dust recorded 16.83 Nmm2 at maximum load as average compressive strength, giving rise to an increment of about 18 of the compressive strength of the control specimen. Through reaction with the concrete admixture, quarry dust, thus show improved pozzolanic reaction, micro aggregate filling and concrete durability.

Dolomitebased quarrydust as a substitute for flyash

Dolomitebased Quarrydust As A Substitute For Flyash

Oct 20, 2019 Quarry dust was acquired from a local construction-oriented quarrying company and integrated into both the geopolymer and cement-based systems. Raw QD was pre-processed by air-drying in an oven at 105 C for 24 h and then manually ground using pestle and mortar, to obtain an average particle size of 90 m.

Effect of Fly Ash on Mortar Mixes with Quarry Dust as Fine

Effect Of Fly Ash On Mortar Mixes With Quarry Dust As Fine

Mar 27, 2014 Further when fly ash is partially replaced with cement from 0 to 30 in mortar with 20 quarry dust QF series, there is an overall increase in strength at 3 days, 7 days, and 28 days of age. The drop in compressive strength due to conversion reaction decreases with increase in fly ash content for a given water to powder ratio.

Marble andquarrydustasadditivesinconcrete

Marble Andquarrydustasadditivesinconcrete

Aug 10, 2019 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18 Conclusions The chemical compositions of quarry rock dust and marble sludge powder such as Fe2O3, MnO, Na2O,MgO, K2O, Al2O3, CaO, and SiO2 are comparable with that of cement. The replacement of fine aggregate with 50 marble sludge powder and 50 Quarry rock dust Green concrete gives an excellent result in ...

Modeling Tensile Strength of Concrete on Partial

Modeling Tensile Strength Of Concrete On Partial

Tensile strength of concrete were examined on its partial replacement of cement and sand using ground granulated blast furnace and quarry dust, the study examines its behaviour at different dimensions, this is to monitor the variation effect of these parameters on the growth rates of tensile to the optimum curing age, these includes non linear conditions of tensile state, non-elastic and its ...

Characteristic studies on the mechanical properties of

Characteristic Studies On The Mechanical Properties Of

investigated the influence of 100 replacement of sand with quarry dust. Initially cement mortar cube was studied with various proportions of quarry dust CM 13, CM 12, and CM 11. The experimental results showed that the addition of quarry dust for a fine to coarse aggregate ratio of 0.6 was found to

Influence of Quarry Dust on Compressive Strength of Concrete

Influence Of Quarry Dust On Compressive Strength Of Concrete

Objectives In the present study, by-product of stone crushed, quarry dust is replaced as a fine aggregate with 20, 30, 40, 50 replacement.MethodsAnalysis The fine aggregate is being replaced with fine aggregate and the compressive strength is determined for the concrete by testing the sample cube. The properties such as the specific gravity, fineness modulus, moisture content etc. are ...

Use of Quarry Dust to Replace Sand in Concrete An

Use Of Quarry Dust To Replace Sand In Concrete An

For this concrete mix, quarry dust was added for replacement of sand from 0 to 100 in step of 10. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2013 2 ISSN 2250-3153 www.ijsrp.org B. Casting of specimen Mould of size 150 x 150 x 150 mm was used to cast specimens ...

Optimum usage of Using Metakaolin and Quarry Dust in

Optimum Usage Of Using Metakaolin And Quarry Dust In

of cement with Metakaolin and 30 of sand with Quarry Dust with 3 Super Plasticizers REFERENCES 1 Murat M. Hydration reaction and hardening of calcined clays and related minerals II. Influence of mineralogical properties of the raw-kaolinite on the reactivity of metakaolinite. Cement Concrete Res 1983135118

Effects of Quarry Dust as Partial Sand Replacement on

Effects Of Quarry Dust As Partial Sand Replacement On

This research presents the findings of experimental works in terms of mechanical properties and crack profile of cement composites containing quarry dust at different percentages as a partial sand replacement. The compositions of quarry dust were varied from 10 to 20 wt. and were mixed into five different ratios. It was found that 0.45 water cement ratio was suitable to mix all proportions ...

Implication of Metakaolin in Quarry Dust Concrete

Implication Of Metakaolin In Quarry Dust Concrete

initiation time of quarry dust concrete with various percentages of metakaolin have shown in Fig. 6 and Fig. 7. It is found from Fig. 6 that the time to initiate corrosion for quarry dust concrete was found to be 160 hours. Quarry dust concrete with 5, 10, 15 and 20 replacement of cement

Partial Replacement of Sand with Quarry Dust in Concrete

Partial Replacement Of Sand With Quarry Dust In Concrete

Partial Replacement of Sand with Quarry Dust in Concrete. -The reduction in the sources of natural sand and the requirement for reduction in the cost of concrete production has resulted in the increased need to identify substitute material to sand as fine aggregates in the production of concretes especially in Concrete.

A Study on Strength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete with

A Study On Strength Of Fibre Reinforced Concrete With

Quarry dustQD is used in partial replacement of cement in various proportions. This quarry dust which is released directly into environment can cause environmental pollution. To reduce the impact of the quarry dust on environment and human, this waste can be used to produce new products or can be used as admixture in concrete so that the natural

Foam Concrete Can Be used for Sustainable

Foam Concrete Can Be Used For Sustainable

sand and quarry dust when both used in combination shows good strength as that in quarry dust alone. The all mix is prepared by keeping the water cement ratio constant at 0.5. Thus foam concrete is a sustainable building construction material as sand can be replaced with quarry dust upto 100


Macro And Micro Investigation Of Change In

Nigeria which was classified as A-6 with cement and quarry dust .black cotton soil with 6 cement and 20 QD results in savings of approximately 20 cost compared with the only cement stabilized soil. Thirumalai, S. et al 2017 15 studied various research works done by eminent researchers by using rice

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by

An Experimental Study On Partial Replacement Of Cement By

Jamshidi and M. tyrer, Mechanical performance of concrete with partial replacement of cement by sewage sludge ash and sand by quarry dust , Journals on civil and structural engineering, 2010, vol ...

Partial Replacement of Sand with Quarry Dust in Concrete

Partial Replacement Of Sand With Quarry Dust In Concrete

Granite fines or rock dust is a by-product obtained during crushing of granite rocks and is also called quarry dust. In recent days there were also been many attempts to use Fly Ash, an industrial by product as partial replacement for cement to have higher workability, long term strength and to make the concrete more economically available.

Materials Free FullText Quarry Waste as Precursors in

Materials Free Fulltext Quarry Waste As Precursors In

For instance, in an attempt to recycle quarry dust, geopolymer adhesive mortars were made using fly ash, crushed stone dust with different NaOH molarity and ratios . Considering energy levels, waste and raw material usage, a maximum amount of 67 of quarry dust was proposed as the most efficient quantity during geopolymer production.